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January 17 to February 24

Organized by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, in collaboration with the Pensacola Museum of Art. The artist's lecture is sponsored in part by The North America Review. Selections from Taggart's book Séance are featured in the Fall 2022 issue of the North American Review, which has been housed at the University of Northern Iowa since 1969. The NAR the oldest literary magazine in the United States. For the past twenty years American artist Shannon Taggart (born 1975) has documented contemporary Spiritualist practices and communities in the United States, England, and Europe. The resulting body of work examines the relationship of Spiritualism to human celebrity, its connections to art, science, and technology, and its intrinsic bond with the medium of photography.

January 17 to May 5

January 17 – February 24; March 20 – April 13; April 24- May 5, 2023

Located in the Mary Haskell-Hansen Room of the Gallery, this UNI Permanent Art Collection exhibition was curated by Gallery Director Darrell Taylor and features a number of objects recently added to the Collection, including a Japanese woodblock print by Meiji Era artist Utagawa Yoshiiku and seven drawings and paintings by Hans Breder (German American), a generous donation from the estate of Hans and Barbara Welch Breder of Iowa City. Also featured are artworks by Sandra Baker (American), M.C. Escher (Dutch), Paolo Soleri (Italian), and Todd Walker (American). Rounding out the exhibition are loaned objects from UNI Professor of Art Jeffery Byrd, which include photographs based on performance artworks by Boris Nieslony (German), Rachel Rosenthal (French American), and Heather Sincavage (American).