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August 23 to December 15

August 23 - September 25; October 15 - November 6; and December 2 - 15, 2021

In the Mary Haskell-Hansen Room of the Gallery. Co-curated by UNI alumna Angela Waseskuk and Gallery Director Darrell Taylor, this exhibition highlights objects from the Collection and the UNI Museum by historical and contemporary Native artists. The title is taken from N. Scott Momaday's book, "Earth Keeper: Reflections on the American Land." Momaday (Kiowa) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and poet and recipient of a 2007 National Medal of Arts.

October 15 to November 6

This exhibition is a group invitational event curated by UNI Professor of Art JoAnn Schnabel who will retire from teaching at the conclusion of 2021. Exhibition participants include the following: Bryan Coons (B.F.A, 2012), Lori Dale (B.A., 1997), Thaddeus Erdahl (B.F.A., 2004), Allison Fretheim (B.A., 2015), Sarah German (B.F.A., 2006), Travis Gingerich (B.F.A., 2016), Matt Kelleher (M.A., 1997), Rylie Lawrence (B.F.A., 2018), Caitlin Mary Margarett (B.F.A., 2018), Lisa McClurg (B.A., 2010), Nicholas Meyer (M.A., 2010), Daniel Orr (M.A., 1998), Jesse Parrott (B.F.A., 2010), Wade Scheel (B.A., 1995), Chris Singewald (B.F.A., 2006), Kelsey Sorensen (B.F.A, 2015), Denae Statzer (B.F.A., 2020), Brad Travis (M.A., 2003), Dallan Troyer (M.A., 1996), Madalyn Loring Vorrie (B.F.A., 2017), Amythest Warrington (B.F.A., 2014), Chad Wolf (B.F.A., 1996), and the curator herself.