Gallery of Art | University of Northern Iowa

Design from the UNI Permanent Art Collection

January 25, 2021 to February 26, 2021

Curated by Gallery Director Darrell Taylor and dedicated to Emeritus Professor of Graphic Design Phil Fass. Presented in association with the 2021 Elena Diane Curris Biennial Design Exhibition. This online exhibition based on objects in from the UNI Permanent Art Collection branches roughly into concepts about color theory, typography, architecture, linear perspective, economy/minimalism, graphics (symbols, diagrams, illustration) and other gestalt principles. With a hearty thanks to Walt Whitman, design “contains multitudes.” Encompassing American, German, British, and Italian designers/artists, this exhibition is by no means comprehensive; however, one can hardly argue with the authority that Josef Albers, Warren Platner, and Jessica Helfand bring to the table. This selection extends from the last mid-century to very nearly the present and includes letterpress, digital prints, and screenprints as well as painting, photography, and even jewels and precious metal. The earliest acquisition is the Albers painting and the most recent is a three-dimensional exhibition catalogue from 1970, produced for a Paolo Soleri retrospective.