Gallery of Art | University of Northern Iowa

B.F.A. Group Exhibition, Fall 2020

November 16, 2020 to November 20, 2020

This fall’s "B.F.A. Group Exhibition" features five exhibitors from various studio areas of the UNI Department of Art.

Sean Berg from Cedar Falls, IA presents an exhibition of drawings titled Arrested. Berg states, “Formerly incarcerated, I now create artwork based on my own real-life experiences within those systems. These aforementioned systems often go unseen, but through my artwork I hope to shine light and truth onto these dark places.”

Rachel Clarke from Norway, IA presents a drawing exhibition titled Rooted Renewal. Clarke states, “My inspiration comes from our natural world, and more specifically the cycle of life. I use drawing and photography as a cycle of deconstruction and growth to showcase the most common processes that exist all around us.”

Taylor Hansen of Adel, IA presents performance artworks in an exhibition titled All the Things You’ve Seen Before. Hansen is a cross disciplinary artist working primarily with video and sculpture. As viewers are engulfed in projected light, All the Things You’ve Seen Before attempts to make sense of time and space by contrasting the tangible and the intangible.

Monica Sanguino of Waterloo, IA works in performance art and video. Her exhibition is titled Illuminated. Sanguino is always finding inspiration through nature and the female body. Illuminated​ is a combination of performance art and video work based around experiences with her body and the earth. Through the brightest time of day to the darkest time of night, I am constantly illumined by our earth.

Finally, Denae Statzer of Council Bluffs, IA presents a ceramics exhibition titled Enduring Impressions. Statzer grew up in a traditional Iowa household for the majority of her life. However, it drastically changed during her high school years, and this shift continues to affect and inspire the development of her work. Her sculptures aim to explore uncomfortable human interactions, acknowledging memories, and their correlation to the constant cycle of the ups and downs of one’s life.