Gallery of Art | University of Northern Iowa

B.F.A. Group Exhibition and M.A. Art Education Candidates’ Visual Timelines

April 29, 2019 to May 11, 2019

An opening reception will be held at 7 p.m., Monday, April 29, in the south lobby of the Kamerick Art Building (KAB).

Anastasia Chloe of Charles City, IA, will present an exhibition titled "Interior." Chloe is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on themes of home and domesticity. In her work, she explores notions of interior and exterior personal spaces "dancing between the tangible physical world and that of memory and emotion."

Deo Rai of Des Moines, IA, will present an exhibition of paintings titled "It’s Not About Me." Rai states, "Hey! Some people think that I am an immigrant. But I love to say I am a Human, and I am from the earth. I am working with emojis, a new and very popular trend associated with social media."

Emily Michelle Schroeder of Cedar Falls, IA, will present an exhibition of paintings titled "(Re)Formed." Upon graduation, she will also be receiving a Museum Studies Certificate. In her work, Schroeder explores the intersection of art, faith, and identity. She draws parallels between the transfigurative Christian faith and the transformative nature of painting."

Hanna Seggerman will graduate with both a B.F.A. in sculpture and B.A. in art education. Seggerman’s exhibition titled "Fragment" explores an assortment of forms that represent the fraction of former times, beings, and memories.

Concurrently, the Gallery will present M.A. Art Education Candidates’ Visual Timelines in the Showcases and ZigZag Cases in the KAB South lobby. These visual timelines document classwork and applied research completed by the Art Education cohort of 2019. The M.A. program provides a comprehensive and contemporary orientation to art education study and practice, and the curriculum aligns with student activities in classroom experiences. It includes courses addressing models of inquiry and practice that help students establish strong links between theory and practice in art education.

All events are free and open to the public.