Gallery of Art | University of Northern Iowa

B.F.A. Group Exhibition

December 6, 2018 to December 15, 2018

BFA Fall Exhibition 2018

Opening Reception: 7 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 6, south lobby of Kamerick Art Building (KAB).

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) group exhibition participants include the following:

Tyberius Anderson of Fremont, IA, will present a painting exhibition titled "Complications in Simple Movements." Anderson is a queer, non-binary artist who is especially interested in the exploration and expression of ideas concerning personal experiences with minority stress in a capitalistic society. According to Anderson, "personal symbolism and cryptic meaning have always been prominent components in my art, and the work included in this exhibition will be a culmination of these ideas, framed in the context of what some might call uncomfortable realities of society."

Elinor Jane of Iowa City, IA, will present a photography exhibition titled "In Sickness and Insanity. Till Death do we Party." The artist states, "I'm proudly emotional, and not medicated enough to stop dancing anytime I feel like it. Much of my work is an exploration of emotions derived from my identity as a woman and cancer survivor."

Caitlin Mary Margarett will graduate with a B.F.A. in performance art and B.A. in art history. Margarett was born and raised between Minnesota and Iowa and calls Mason City her hometown. Her exhibition is titled "As Long as Life Endures: Ars Sacra and the Divine Feminine." She is currently working across disciplines, and her work is informed by research in ethics, religion, and gender studies. Through installations and durational action, she tries to make sense of feminist spiritualities, and within them, the performative nature of flourishing and suffering.

All events are free and open to the public