Gallery of Art | University of Northern Iowa

In and of the Anthropocene

March 25, 2019 to April 20, 2019

Located in the Mary Haskell-Hansen Room of the Gallery, this UNI Permanent Art Collection exhibition was co-curated by Dr. Elizabeth Sutton and Gallery Director Darrell Taylor. Dr. Sutton states, "In order to mark humans’ profound impact to the Earth and its organisms, Dutch chemist Paul Crutzen popularized the term ‘Anthropocene’ to denote a new geological epoch. The art selected for this exhibition suggests varieties of life from a human perspective, and it provides views into spaces, pre- and post-human. Thus art, as ever, can serve as a reflection of our narcissism as a species."

The exhibition includes artworks by British printmaker Elisabeth Frink, Chicago artist Phyllis Bramson, San Diego artist Suda House, and a large-scale woodcut by Hannah March Sanders who is printmaking area head at Southeast Missouri State University. Other artworks include a stone carving by Zimbabwean artist Fanizani Akuda and screenprints by Korean ceramist Sunkoo Yuh and American artist Mark Dion, which were completed in the UNI Printmaking Labs under the direction of professors Tim Dooley and Aaron Wilson.