Gallery of Art | University of Northern Iowa

That’s So Gay: An Exploration of Homophobia & Camp in Art

August 20, 2018 to September 29, 2018 | October 8, 2018 to November 16, 2018 | December 6, 2018 to December 15, 2018

An arrangement of 9 works of art

Events associated with the exhibition include the following:

September 4 – 6 and 11 – 13 (times TBD), in the Gallery, "Student Reflections/Presentations" by upper level and graduate students from the spring 2018 course of the same name.

September 27 at 6:00 p.m. in KAB 111, Jonathan D. Katz, Associate Professor at University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, will present a lecture titled "The Gray Flannel Suit and the Fright Wig: On Warhol's Very Particular Queerness."

This UNI Permanent Art Collection exhibition was supplemented by objects on loan to the Gallery and was co-curated by Dr. Charles M. Adelman and Gallery Director Darrell Taylor with didactics by UNI students of art history. Featured artists include Asianpunkboy, Berenice Abbott, Nick Cave, Felix D’Eon, Kelly V. Grider, Jr., Keith Haring, George Hurrell, Ellsworth Kelly, Catherine Opie, Robert Rauschenberg, and Bruce of Los Angeles.

According to co-curator Adelman, "while the title of this exhibition has a special relevance in today’s society, the purpose of using it has been to present a lens through which the viewer might examine selected works of art and discern for themselves their own reactions. If, as in some cases, the artist is gay, is their gayness implicit in all their art? If the artist is heterosexual and photographing or depicting gay individuals, is the resulting art gay? Obviously, the determinant is the particular individual’s response. But what is the basis for the response? Is it immediate or contemplative? Does it take into consideration history, social events, and social issues? Even though art at best is a near-perfect representation of the real world, it does not have the same realness. It has no ability to be gay though it is able to suggest such themes and connections. While we tried to include some works that might be provocative, for some viewers there will be great disappointment as the works may not be as gay as they imagined."

All events are free and open to the public. Please note, the Gallery will be closed Monday, September 3 for Labor Day.